Conrad Bone Lafayette 2 Perth Simulcast
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Conrad Bone, Perth Australia
Mr. Conrad Bone, Fremantle, Western Australia wearing his Conrad Bone Band t-shirt.

In April 2010 Conrad Bone, resident of Perth Australia, Googled himself and found out he had a namesake band in West Lafayette, Indiana.

“When we told Conrad the first time he didn’t believe us.”
The facts are, in May 2006, after weeks of struggling to find the right name, fellow co-founder Rod Forbes was telling his band mates an uncomfortable story about a dog that had a mishap with a bone. Of course, the dog’s name was Conrad. For the same reason the details of the story are best left to the imagination on this website, the underlying theme just clicked with the band.

The Conrad Bone Band, with four lead vocalists and made up of West Lafayette family guys plays an eclectic mix of roots rock and funk.